5 versatile men fashion items for business travel

Recently, a lot of my friends are traveling overseas for business trip or competition (cool!). A male friend even asked me for some tips on what apparels to bring for a business trip. Well, anyone might hate packing because packing requires more than just muscles. Most of the times, you need to think about what to pack when you are going overseas, especially what you gonna wear.

First, you don’t want to miss your daily essentials. Second, you want to look presentable at your work-related events. Third, you want to look good and be comfortable in your second skin during your exploration of the unfamiliar city (and look good in photographs, of course!). On top of all that, you can’t pack your luggage to explosion or pay baggage overweight charges!

So, be smart in choosing what you will bring with you. Choose it based on versatility will save up more baggage space.

1. Black Chino Pants

  • Versatility Rate: 10/10
  • Formal Look: match it with a formal shirt and shoes. Your formality lies on the top and shoes that you wear. People will not realize whether your pants are true formal pants, especially when they are black.
  • Casual Look: match it with any comfortable tops and footwear
  • Alternative: navy blue, dark brown chino.
  • Buy it at: Uniqlo, Top Man, etc.

Black Chino, Leather Shoes and Versatile matches

2. White Shirt with Short Sleeves

  • Versatility Rate: 9/10
  • Formal Look: match it with black chino pants, cover it with a blazer, and wear your formal shoes. Hide the casual-ness of the short sleeves with your blazer. You will look like wearing a formal top.
  • Casual Look: any pants, any footwear. Wear bermudas and you will be ready to hit the beach!
  • Alternative: black, navy blue, moss green, maroon, brown, light colors. Avoid bright colors and patterns.
  • Buy it at: Bossini, Giordano, Top Man, etc.

White polo shirt with versatile casual matches

3. No-Lace, Black Casual Leather Shoes with Black Soles

  • Versatility Rate: 9/10
  • Formal Look: match them with your dark color chino pants, blazer, and collared shirt, and you are ready to go. It doesn’t have to be pointy, but it has to be comfy.
  • Casual Look: literally anything! Except for the beach or too hot places, you can wear sandals.
  • Alternative: None. Unless you don’t mind bringing your formal pair and casual pair of shoes/sandals.
  • Buy it at: Sketchers. They are neat, classy, yet comfy to the max.

4. Black Blazer

  • Versatility Rate: 8/10
  • Formal Look: chino pants, collared shirts, and your leather shoes.
  • Casual Look: wear a t-shirt underneath your blazer, sneakers, and jeans. Then, spike your hair. That is edgy. You can match it with shorts too. In addition, this can warm you when the flight is too cold.
  • Alternative: none.
  • Buy it at: G2000, Topman, Zara Man.

Black blazer and leather shoes for different occassion

5. Polo Shirt of any color

  • Versatility Rate: 6/10
  • Formal Look: unfortunately, this piece is too informal for a formal event. But this will do for a smart casual look, and more office-friendly than a regular tee.
  • Casual Look: any pants and footwear.
  • Alternative: if you know that t-shirt is not too dress-down in your working place you are going to visit, you may opt for a tee.
  • Buy it at: anywhere. Usually, it’s at Giordano, Bossini, Polo.

Black chino, with versatile and fun matches

By bringing these five items with an additional pair of blue jeans, sandals and a fun t-shirt/any top, you can easily dress up for more than 5 days (if you wear some of the pieces more than once).

Just a reminder: the tips above do not consider winter weather. Because if you happen to travel in wintery condition, you have no option but to pack thickly and replace all the thin and short-sleeved pieces with thick and long-sleeved pieces.

Do you have more tips on what wearables to pack, my guy friends? Share them at the comments below! 😀

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